It’s grounding time!

Good grounding is essential for good reception, especially when using active MiniWhip antennas for HF and VLF.

In my system there are two grounding points, located opposite sides of the building.

One is installed horizontal about 50cm (19,7″) below the surface. The total amount of copper pipe buried is around 10 meters (32,8f).

The other one is installed vertically using three copper pipes each 1,7meters (67″) long.

Grounding cable runs from each point to the LNA enclosure located in the balcony and from there also to the enclosures of RaspberryPi’s, Laptop computer and all the radio devices connected to the system.

I found this a very good protection against all kinds of interference and also a very good protection against ‘electric rain’ and lightning related electrostatic interferences – I do hope though that I do not have to test the grounding with direct lightning strike