Let’s remote!

Summer 2015 I was finally able to take all my knowledge, my systems and my ideas to the main remote site (my parents house far away from the city interference) and build a remote site with as much possibilities to learn even more about what one can do with these 20USD dongles.

A space has always been a problem with my systems and so it is in the remote site too. I can only use one fixed antenna mast and a small shelve for the computer and other stuff. I tried to maximize the quality and minimize the needed space. Based on my experiences this played well out!

Tech in this 1’st version of the remote site:

Antennas as described in the About page, RaspberryPi 2b ADS-B feeder to Flightradar24 and acting as an SSH gateway for remote access to the system without having to open too much ports in the firewall. Old recycled Dell laptop PC for SDR# and other software. Every antenna has it’s own dedicated LNA to boost up the SNR of the signals.