Oldies from archive: DDH reception via SpyServer link!

After SpyServer was published my hobby took a huge leap as now I was able to stream the IQ data directly from the remote antenna to my local shack using just kbits of internet bandwidth instead several megabits and full Windows RemoteDesktop session. Spyserver also gave me a change to create a separate stream to all my antennas (radios) at the same time, so I was able to receive both telemetry and AM at the same time. This video was about my first tests with the SpyServer.

SpyServer is an excellent software created by the guys behind the also excellent SDR software SDR# – https://airspy.com/spy-servers/

Receiver (HW): RTL-SDR dongle (Direct sample mod), PA0RDT mini whip, LNA4HFL
Link: Remote SDR location, IQ-stream with Spyserver via Internet
Receiver (SW): SDR#
Decoder (SW): MultiPSK