Plans for 2018 – Part 1!

I had to re-recycle the Dell Laptop PC that I used for the main remote site and decided to replace it with a Lattepanda Delta SbC. Because I ordered the Lattepanda Delta via Kickstarter I knew it will take a lot of time and I cannot wait it to arrive before I need to get the old laptop to the new owner (my Mom 🙂 ).

So as an temporary solution I created a RaspberryPi 3 based SpyServer for all the RTL-SDR dongles I had – I also had upgraded some of the Dongles so that now I also had Airspy R1 and AirSpy HF+ installed to the remote site.

This was kinda spring cleaning of the remote system.

I’m very surprised about how well the RaspberryPi 3 can handle the SpyServer part – I have not had any problems with it since Mar.2018 when I installed it. I have no Windows machine at the remote site, so all the radios are remote controlled directly via Mobile 4G broadband internet connection.

The second part of this years maintenance is to install the Lattepanda Delta – this may happen around autumn / early winter.

Post edit: No lattepanda for 2018 – project postponed to spring 2019…