Plans for 2018 – Part 2!

While waiting the Lattepanda Delta to arrive I decided to do a similar “Spring cleaning” to my home system as I did to the main remote site earlier this year.

I like so much to tinker with these systems that I use 90% of my hobby time for modifications 🙂

Tech in this installation:

Odroid XU4

– OpenMediaVault NAS with 1Tb data disk
– Local NTP server for accurate PC time

Raspberry Pi 2b

– Flightradar24 ADS-B feeder, Air band radio

DIY antenna switcher

– Antenna switcher based on the AirSpy Mini Bias-T power control


7 NooElec RTL-SDR Dongles
1 AirSpy Mini

Whole system powered from 12V solar system to minimize power grid interference.

Not in the picture:

3 Lenovo Thinkpad Laptops – all the radios are directly controlled via USB, so no local SpyServer in use.
Antennas as described in the pinned post